Coconut Oil

Our virgin coconut oil comes from the Philippians where it is cold pressed and certified as organic.  We have been told by many of our customers, and also by naturopathic doctors who research many different brands, that it is the healthiest as well as the best tasting coconut oil they have found.

We have 2 size of glass jars of Coconut oil for sale:

500ml    -   $17.00
1L    -    $27.00
Case of 500ml - $170.00   (12 jars per case)
Case of 1L - $270.00   (12 jars per case)

We also sell pails of coconut oil which can be shipped:

5 litre pail -$110.00 (this works out to $22.00 per litre) plus shipping

These prices were last updated July 15, 2014

Sept 29, 2012 (updated March 7, 2014)

Our coconut oil has proven itself again and again.  Customers who try it usually come back with a friend, or they buy for their friends.  Reports keep coming in of diabetics lowering their blood sugar, people loosing those extra pounds, and others getting clearer minds.  Some love it for its ability to rejuvenate the skin, others because it tastes so good.  One man in his seventies who has been bald since he was sixteen is now getting hair!

Between Bruce and I we saw many of these benefits ourselves.  Bruce was able to go off insulin  and  his blood sugar became normal.  His brain totally recovered even though I was told he would never be normal again, and his cholesterol level dropped into the normal range.

(We later found that Bruce also had cancer, but thank God, the coconut oil had placed it in remission for three years and he was able to spend his last years full of life and health and helping others.)

I lost more than 50 lbs since starting the coconut oil, and was also able to go off pantaloc without stomach problems. My arthritis almost disappeared completely, and I can even run again.  I don't take any medication any more.  Bruce didn't either and was able to deal with the cancer without pain killers just before he died.  We never had colds or the flu for three years after starting the coconut oil, and we both felt so much healthier.

I believe life would have been very different for us if we had not kept up the coconut oil.

Here is a video that Bruce did about a month after starting coconut oil.  At this stage he was getting close to being normal again.

April, 2012

We are in the process of preparing our first product for sale.  Since Bruce's miraculous recovery from dementia, we have continued using coconut oil daily.

 After sending hundreds of people to various coconut oil venders, we finally decided to start sell it ourselves.

We wanted to share our good health with others, but the price of the coconut oil was so prohibitive that we knew many would give up before they tried it.

Here is an excerpt from our  blog: 
 I was quizzing the Lord for answers again.  It bothered me to think of increasing our debt load again.  We were so determined to get out of debt.  "What's the answer, Lord Jesus?" I questioned.  He had given me answers in the past, monumental ones.

I knew He had an answer for us again, there had to be a precedent set in His word.  All the important answers are found in His word.  Normally I open my Bible and He speaks to me through the words on the page, but this time I sat thinking, listening, and sifting through the many Bible stories I had heard and read since I was a baby.

There was one about a widow woman who was about to loose everything because of her debts.  She asked the prophet Elisha for help.  "What have you got in the house?" he asked.

Her answer: "Just a little bit of oil."

"What have I got in my house" I wondered.  I did have some plants I could sell, but the garden season was still a couple of months away.

I thought about the Widow's answer, "Just some oil" and yet God used that little bit of oil to get her out of debt and let her live from the sale from then on.

It took a while to register.  Bruce had already been suggesting we take the coconut oil we had bought in bulk, and repackage it, and sell some of it at the market.  I was dragging my feet.  I expected to have to deal with a heap of rules and regulations.

Today we visited Keady market.  The Market clerk didn't think there would be any problem selling coconut oil.  Then we went to see the health Inspector.  It wasn't all that bad.  

 We eventually found a supplier where we could buy in bulk. Our objective is to repackage it in glass jars, make enough to cover our costs, and still be able to sell it for less than the Health Food stores do.

The jars are only for local customers, since the glass jars of coconut oil would cost too much to ship.